We keep moving forward

It’s often said that technology never stands still. Developments happen fast! We are proud that our company has been able to build up an excellent network of manufacturers, production companies and other associates over the past 17 years. Through them, we are kept well-informed about new functionality and applications, which in turn enables us to maintain competitive rates and ensure that your printed circuit boards are produced efficiently. That efficiency not only includes aiming to minimize waste, but also to deliver your printed circuit boards on time, so they meet the needs of your production process.


Our technical capabilities are unlimited

In consultation with our suppliers and partners, we can offer you a wide range of mechanical processes, surface treatments and printing techniques which make use of various basic materials.
Our capabilities are endless. To give you an impression, they are summarized below.
If your process or requirement is not listed, we will be happy to discuss your wishes and our solutions without further obligation.

Sparring about the technical capabilities?
We keep moving forward

Our technical capabilities are unlimited



We have a wide range of ‘UL’ listed base material in stock. All are subjected to a strict incoming inspection process.

The following materials are available

  • FR4 – FR5 – CEM1 – CEM3 – Aluminium core – Copper core
  • Flexible materials
  • High TG materials
  • HF – materials
  • Halogen-free (reduced) materials
  • Base material until 210 µm copper



A short selection of our products:

  • Singlesided PCB’s
  • Doublesided PCB’s (plated and unplated)
  • Multilayers until max. 36 Lagen
  • Thickcopper PCB’s
  • HDI Boards
  • High Speed Boards
  • Flexible PCB’s (Rigid-Flex and Flex)
  • Semiflexible Boards
  • HF PCB’s
  • Bare Boards
  • Slip rings



The following processes can be provided:

  • Drilling, including laser drilling
  • Milling, including depth milling
  • Scribing (in steps or so-called Step V-Cut)
  • Punching
  • Laser cutting
  • Bevelled edging
  • Sunken holes (screws)



We offer the following default surfaces:

  • HAL (lead and leadfree)
  • ENIG 
  • Hardgold (Surface and Connector)
  • Chem. Sn
  • Chem. Silver
  • OSP/Entek



We offer various printing processes:

  • Solder resist by curtain coating
  • Solder resist in the electrostatic process
  • Solder resist in screen printing process
  • Solder resist in the colours: Green; White; Black; Red; Blue; Yellow
  • Label printing/component printing in different colours
  • Carbon print
  • Peel off mask >300µm
  • Kapton tape




Some additional options:

  • Mixed surface treatment – SIT (Second Image Technology)
  • Impedance manufacturing and control
  • Epoxy filled vias
  • Via filler
  • Via in Pad
  • Embedded Component (resistance accuracy ±5%)
  • Edge metallization
  • Complete assembly via our partners in Germany
  • System supplier solutions
  • Workshops/Training

Our process

Your request

Should you wish, we would be happy to visit you to discuss your request. If you prefer to submit a request / order by email, please send it to sales@japcc.com

To properly process your request, we will need the following information:

  • Technology (1, 2 or 4 … layers)
  • PCB thickness
  • Size (length x width)
  • Surface treatment
  • Structure (line, space)
  • PCB size
  • Solderresist
  • Text printing
  • Other customer specifications

As soon as your request is received, we will check it for completeness and look for any points that could be improved. This might include an efficient layout of the PCB to minimize waste and therefore save money. We also check your drawings for any design errors to prevent unnecessary expense and risks once production commences.

Step 1:

Processing your request

We will start looking for the best producer in line with the defined criteria for technology, logistics, competitive price and delivery time. This will ensure that the production of your printed circuit boards will seamlessly slot into the production process of your end product. Where necessary, we will convert your specifications to the correct notation, the correct technical file format and / or language for the producer we have in mind.

As soon as we have an appropriate proposal, we will discuss it with you.

Once you have agreed in writing, your request will become an order and production will commence;

Step 2:

Commencement of production

To us, commencement of production represents “confidence”. We consider your order as a compliment and thank you in advance for having confidence in us. We will do our very best for you and make efforts to unburden you.

Besides the production of your printed circuit boards, we take care of the entire logistics process including the necessary paperwork. We closely follow both processes (production and logistics), so that we can inform you within 24 hours in case of any incident which may affect the delivery of your printed circuit boards, the quality or the agreed time of delivery. Our approach is not only to keep you informed, but also to resolve any issues. In other words, the production of your end product is guaranteed.

We conduct various tests at different times to fulfill this guarantee. 

Step 3:


Our service does not end when your printed circuit boards have been produced and delivered to the agreed location. We would love to hear about your experiences with us and are happy to help you with any subsequent questions. You can also call on us if you are looking for suppliers for component assembly or the production/delivery of other parts, such as cables.

Other options include our in-house workshops on design or on technical improvements.

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