Quality: What is it?

Quality means different things to different people. For us, delivering quality means ensuring satisfied customers. Customers who are satisfied with the product that has been delivered and the way the delivery has taken place. Customers who would like to come back to us and recommend us to their clients.

Furthermore, a “certain” basic quality in our industry is measured by various independent bodies. Our production locations are certified according to:

  • DIN ISO 9001:2015
  • IATF 16949
  • UL
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 18001 OHSAS
  • ISO 13485

We adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Reach
  • WEEE
  • RoHS
  • IPC-A-600 ff

And we are ISO 9001: 2015 certified

To measure is to know

When preparing the work, our employees test your files and drawing. Your printed circuit boards will be checked at various times during the production process to exclude any production errors and determine whether the final printed circuit boards will be delivered in accordance with customer specifications and IPC-A-600 class required.

This includes:

  • Extensive quality test at the production site
  • The physical printed circuit board is applied to the digital drawing and automatically screened for any mismatches
  • Random check on arrival in the Netherlands: printed circuit board is checked against the customer specification (final inspection)

Continuity for your printed circuit board specification

Your printed circuit boards are produced according to a fixed process at all times, which means that it is still possible to “simply” place an order with the same product specifications ten years later. We store the specifications of your printed circuit boards for 15 years in a digital environment, which is protected according to current European guidelines.

Our focus

Our focus: efficient production and supply of your printed circuit boards such that they can be incorporated smoothly into the production process of your end product.
Good service and excellent quality are important to us. After all, a satisfied customer is essential for a long-term customer-supplier relationship.

Our additional services

We offer the following additional services. Can’t find your specific wish or requirement?

Just contact us! We will be happy to facilitate it.

  • In-house training for your employees (for example, efficient layout of the printed circuit board)
  • Development support / technical consultancy
  • Special packaging
  • Logistics solutions
  • Inventory management (for example: buffer stock, consignment stock)
  • Technical advice in the event of an emergency
Contact us

We are happy to advice you!

Dave de Bruin


+31 (0) 545 - 29 14 77

What can you expect from us?

A quote within 48 hours;

In the light of your needs, we look for the most suitable producer, offering a competitive price;

In terms of production, we will advise you on the most efficient layout of your printed circuit board, so your residual waste is reduced to a minimum and you save money;

Service is important to us, so we always check your files and drawings, in order to exclude any production risks;

Our compact and flat organizational structure enables us to react quickly. This means that you have one point of contact and decisions can be made quickly and effectively;

As our qualified employees are located in the Netherlands, Germany and China, we have good quality control and our communication lines are short and effective;

We closely follow the production process of your printed circuit boards, so we can directly respond to any production and / or lead time issues;

If any disruption occurs, we always offer a backup solution to ensure a timely and qualitative production process;

We make your life easier by arranging transport, logistics and all the necessary paperwork, so you can to continue to focus on your end product;

We provide electronic data; converting files to Gerber files and surface mount technology are included in our standard service package.

Our logistics centres

We have our own logistics centre that is obviously highly secure. It is equipped with the latest facilities to optimally regulate air and humidity. The entire building is energy-saving and the workplaces are equipped with modern and current equipment;

We have created an environment for our employees where they can perform their specialist work well and deliver high quality products for your company.


Your customer and product information

Your invoice data

Your invoice data will be recorded in accordance with the current European regulations and legislation as applied by the Dutch Data Protection Authority. These have been set down in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which means that your data is handled with care and securely stored.

Our non-European parties are bound by contract to handle data in accordance with European legislation


Your product details

We understand the importance of your “unique” customer specifications. We are aware that they affect your competitive position and, needless to say, we keep them confidential.

You can find further details in our Code of Conduct.