Our history

Jacques van Zon started J.A. Printed Circuits Company, which still bears his initials, in 2003. At the time, Jacques was the director of a printed circuit board company in Germany but he was keen to start his own company. Although he started small, with the help of his son-in-law, daughters and employees, the company has now grown into an internationally oriented organization with customers in a wide range of sectors such as:

  • Automotive & mobility
  • Lighting
  • Medical & pharmaceutics
  • Aviation
  • Computers & process control
  • Smart home & home automation
  • Sensor technology
  • Robotics & movement

More about:


We supply a range of customers, from clients in the SME sector to large companies throughout Europe. We are a renowned partner in Germany and the Netherlands when it comes to printed circuit board production.
Our team consists of employees who work in the Netherlands, Germany and Asia (China), so we can optimally manage the supply chain required for the production and delivery of your printed circuit boards. They are well connected and can act rapidly, which enables us to make quick, targeted decisions for you.
Since 2009 our headquarters has been in Eibergen, a Dutch town near the German border. This location has plenty of room for further expansion and has its own logistics centre, so we can provide a premium service.
Day-to-day management was transferred to Jacques’ son-in-law, Melvin Brummelhuis, and his daughter, Chantal van Zon in 2015. Jacques still has an important place in the company as a consultant

Our belief

We believe that our continuity is guaranteed by entering into long-term relationships with our customers. This is only possible by continuing to communicate with you at all times, by knowing what is going on in the market and thinking proactively regarding production and logistics efficiency. That brings us to our focus: never to lose sight of efficient production and supply of your printed circuit boards.

Our values:


We can only meet your needs and wishes in the best possible way by staying in close contact with you and responding proactively where possible and desirable;


As a family business, it is important to us to be there for each other and also for our customers. We want you to feel at home and feel that you are listened to and acknowledged, even if something should go wrong;

A deal’s a deal

We are well aware that timely and qualitative production and delivery of your end product partly depends on the timely and first-rate delivery of your circuit boards. You can therefore have confidence that “a deal’s a deal”;

Clear communication

Besides “a deal’s a deal”, clear communication is important to us. This means that when, for some reason, a disruption occurs in the production of your printed circuit boards, you must be informed of the situation and the possible consequences within 24 hours. We prefer not to hide such situations from you and would rather talk to you about how we can come to a solution that will keep your end production intact;


Last but certainly not least, efficiency is an important value for us. It sets us apart from our peers. As regards our customers, this means: an efficient layout of the circuit board, short communication lines and optimum planning of logistics.

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